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IBEW 191 PCA - FAQ's
Updated On: May 01, 2020

Do I need to submit any documentation for using my PCA or "Benny Card"?

  • Yes. The IRS requires specific documentation. Documentation includes:
  1. Receipt from your provider, pharmacy or a copy of your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance plan
  2. Receipt or EOB must include name of the provider or pharmacy, patient name, member name if claim is for a spouse or dependent, actual date of service, cost of service and description of services provided (can also be CPT codes)
  • If you use your "Benny Card" at an HAS approved merchant (typically a pharmacy), you will not need to provide further documentation

Why do I receive an email telling me I need to substantiate the use of my "Benny Card"?

  • The IRS requires that all reimbursement requests, whether by using the "Benny Card" or submitting a paper claim must include substantiation (with the exception of an IIAS approved merchant)
  • You will receive an email shortly after using your "Benny Card"
  • You will receive another email in seven (7) days
  • If we do not receive your substantiation, you will receive another email in twenty-eight (28) days
  • If substantiation is still not received, another email is sent at forty-five (45) days
  • At forty-six (46) days, your account is marked overdue
  • Ninety (90) days after using your "Benny Card", your account will be de-activated until the substantiation is received
  • We understand that it does take a few weeks or more to receive an EOB from your insurance carrier, which is why we send multiple email reminders

Can I use my "Benny Card" to make my COBRA payment to IBEW Local 191 Health & Welfare Trust?

  • No. You will need to use a personal check to make your payment. You can then submit a copy of your COBRA invoice for reimbursement

How long will it take to get reimbursed when I submit paper claims?

  • BeneSys processes paper claim batches on Monday with paper checks mailed on Wednesday and then processes batches again on Wednesday with paper checks mailed on Friday
  • If you choose to have a paper check mailed, please allow 5-7 business days for receipt of your reimbursement check
  • You can set up automatic deposits to your checking or savings account. Funds are released on Monday and Wednesday for deposits into your account on Tuesday and Thursday

How much will I receive when I submit a claim?

  • You will receive the lesser of the amount you submitted or the balance in your account at the time of reimbursement
  • If your balance is less than the amount you submitted, the unreimbursed amount will automatically be reimbursed to you if another contribution of sufficient amount is made to your PCA Account

After I have incurred an eligible expense how long do I have to submit a claim for reimbursement?

  • You have twelve months from the date of service to submit your claim

When are expenses "incurred?"

  • IRS rules state that an expense is incurred at the time that the services are provided, not when an appointment is made, a bill is dated, or a bill is paid. The PCA can only reimburse you for eligible expenses that were incurred (provided/purchased) after becoming eligible for benefits

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